Yes, you can get a full working demo of ATC!

We will let just about anyone in the world download the demo... but not anonymously.  You don't have to be a big station, or even a licensed station at all.  We never refuse a demo to anyone as long as we feel you are honestly identifying yourself.  So, let us know a little about you:

  • Your name
  • Your station (or your company or organization)
  • A little bit about how you plan to use ATC (1 station next month, 20 stations next year, whatever)
  • A real phone number for you or your company
  • A real email address at your company

We will not hound you with sales calls or spam, and we never release your contact info to third parties.  Drop us a note with the details above, and if you request a demo password it will be sent out ASAP.

Step 2:, install, and enjoy! (Approx. 20MB including sample audio.)

Here are some things to be aware of:

The demo is configured to run on just about any Windows computer, but not every circumstance can be predicted.  If the demo does not work for you, please let us know as much detail as possible about the problem, and we can probably help you fix it. We have configured it with settings that should work on most computers, but the reason that things have settings is that sometimes they need adjusting in the real world!

The audio provided in the demo is VERY LOW QUALITY!!  This was done to keep the download to a reasonable size.  Please do not judge the demo based on the quality of the audio.  The demo and the audio are provided so that you can get a feel for how the software works.  The audio quality on a "real" system will depend solely on the hardware and settings selected.

The demo is set to use DirectSound to allow for multi-play mixing on a single-play audio card. We did this because most people will be running the demo on that kind of hardware, and it allows the most realistic representation of ATC's features. However, we do not consider DirectSound the prefered mode of the system. There are some oddities that make it a little less solid. For THE most reliable and responsive performance in a professional studio we will strongly recommend using professional audio cards that provide enough channels without the use of DirectX. Also, DirectSound is a new option in ATC, and still considered "beta."

Finally, you may notice that we semi-locked the sample audio files to prevent accidental recording on those file numbers. You are free to try recording on other file numbers, but we recommend you don't try recording over the samples provided.